Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Streeklandbouwmuseum Agrimuda

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Streeklandbouwmuseum Agrimuda

Greveningseweg 1 4524 JK Sint-Anna ter Muiden

Investigation results

None of the objects in this museum have problematic provenance.

Result of this investigation

Het museum declined to participate in the investigation since the objects in its collection are agricultural objects without individually identifiable characteristics.

About this museum and its collection

Rural life a hundred years ago is the central theme at the museum. One of the greatest highlights of the collection of local objects is an early nineteenth-century loom. The museum showcases farm life and the switch from horsepower to engine-powered tools and from heavy manual labour to mechanised farming.