Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Rapenburg 19 2311 GE Leiden

Investigation results

None of the objects in this museum have problematic provenance.

Result of this investigation

The museum declined to take part in the investigation since the museum does not have a collection of its own. The displays consist of objects collected in Japan between 1823 and 1830.

About this museum and its collection

The museum is housed in a historical canal-side house, built in 1578, home to Phillip Franz von Siebold, and restored in 2004. Siebold House features a presentation about historical and modern Japan with prints, lacquerware and ceramics, fossils, plants, coins, traditional garments and historical maps all collected between 1823 and 1830 in Japan by Von Siebold, a physician. The collection is a unique time capsule of 20 to 30 years of Japanese culture.