Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Dordrecht Museum

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Dordrecht Museum

Museumstraat 40 3311 XP Dordrecht

Investigation results

This museum has 1 object with a potentially problematic provenance.

Result of this investigation

The museum reports one painting with problematic provenance: a work by J.G. Cuyp which the museum purchased in 2002. The Jewish owner of the painting had been ordered to take the work to Lippmann, Rosenthal & Co in 1943, the Amsterdam bank which garnered Jewish assets. The museum notes that a Liro registration number is visible on the reverse of the painting. The museum has contacted the owner’s heirs.
The museum reports that it made few acquisitions in the years 1933 to 1954. Most of these were gifts from artists or items owned by families in Dordrecht. In the 1930s, the museum made no purchases in Germany or after 1938 in Austria. For the years since 1955, the museum reports that one painting by Raoul Hynckes, bought in 1988, seemed problematic initially although further investigation showed that the painting had been returned to the artist in 1946.
Various museum sources were checked by the investigators, including the registration system, inventory books, annual reports and the Vereniging Dordrechts Museum archive. Investigators looked at the reverse of paintings for inscriptions and labels. As with the investigation of Huis Van Gijn, part of Dordrecht auction house of A. Mak’s archive is subject to a 70-year embargo so that the investigation could not be properly completed. Museums Association investigators checked RKD (The Netherlands Institute for Art History) Visual Documentation and SNK (Netherlands Art Property Foundation) and NBI (Netherlands Property Custodian) archives thoroughly.


In January 2015 a settlement was reached between the museum and the heirs of the former owner of the painting Landscape with a shepherdess and child by Jacob Gerritsz.Cuyp. The heirs wanted the painting to remain in the museum. The museum was able to purchase the painting once again. 

Information from previous research (report Museum Acquisitions 1940-1948)

View reaction of Dordrechts Museum in the report Museale acquisitions 1940-1948 which was published in 1999 in response to the previous museum research.

About this museum and its collection

Since it opened in 1842, Dordrecht Museum has focused on collecting Dutch paintings. The Dutch Golden Age is represented by local masters such as Aelbert Cuyp and Rembrandt pupils Ferdinand Bol and Nicolaes Maes. The collection also features eighteenth- and nineteenth-century paintings.


Shepherdess with Child in a Landscape

Shepherdess with Child in a Landscape

Artist/ Creator
Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp
Shepherdess with Child in a Landscape
Oil on canvas
101,5 x 175 cm (vóór restauratie 125 x 174 cm)
Dordrecht Museum

Investigation results


This painting was part of the collection confiscated from J. Hedeman.


This painting was part of a collection placed by a Jewish...

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