Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Courtyard of a farm in Berlicum

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Een binnenplaats van een boerderij te Berlicum

Courtyard of a farm in Berlicum

Artist/ Creator
Henriëtte Ronner – Knip
Courtyard of a farm in Berlicum
Oil on canvas
79 x 113 cm


Het Noordbrabants Museum


This painting was most probably sold as lot number 219 at Lempertz’s auction house in Cologne on 2 June 1943. It is not known when or by whom this painting was submitted to the auction house.


While the catalogue of the aforementioned sale of 2 June 1943 does not contain an illustration of this painting, the description, medium, and dimensions given in the lot entry agree closely with this painting. This is an early and actually a unique work by Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, who rarely painted scenes like this. The link between this painting and the city of Cologne is confirmed by the label of a framer with a Cologne address on the back of the frame. It is unclear whether the painting was framed before or after 1943.
It is unknown who consigned this painting to the auction of June 1943. However, it can be determined that the consignor – indicated with the letters ‘Bk’ – submitted multiple paintings for sale in this auction. To try to establish the identity of ‘Bk’, the paintings in the sales catalogue were studied more closely. They are mostly scenes in the same manner with farmyards or horses made by minor masters. None of them are illustrated, however, hindering further investigation.

Reconstruction origin

? <> 1943-06-02

Kunsthaus Lempertz cat., Cologne, 2 June 1943, no. 219

1943-06-02 <> 1943-06-02
Kunsthaus Lempertz (auction), Cologne

Kunsthaus Lempertz cat., Cologne, 2 June 1943, no. 219

1943-06-02 <> 2008-12-05
Unknown, unknown
2008-12-05 <> 2008-12-05
Hampel Kunstauktionen (auction), Munich

Hampel Kunstauktionen cat., Munich, 5 December 2008, no. 446 (ill.)

2008-12-05 <> 2009-04-01
Unknown, unknown
2009-04-01 <> 2009-04-01

Dorotheum cat., Vienna, 1 April 2009, no. 354 (ill.)

2009-04-01 <> present day
Noordbrabants museum