Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Willem III (1650-1702), Prince of Orange as a Child

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Willem III (1650-1702), Prince of Orange as a Child

Artist/ Creator
Adriaen Hanneman
Willem III (1650-1702), Prince of Orange as a Child
Oil on canvas
135 x 95 cm




The provenance of the painting is uncertain, since how and when it passed from the possession of the Hohenzollern family and came to belong to Reinheldt art gallery in Berlin is not known.


This painting was commissioned by the Orange family as a gift for Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg, uncle and guardian of the prince.
It is unclear whether the work was still in the Hohenzollern palace in 1945, or whether it was part of the Alexandra Zubkow collection (and possible her heirs). Zubkow’s heirs may later have lived in palaces in Potsdam and Berlin, where much was stolen in the war years.
Ter Kuile (1976) states that the painting was at Königlisches Schloss, Berlin, Stadtschloss, Potsdam until c. 1945. He links these locations with the property of the Hohenzollerns. Yet the family lost the building after the First World War. So the location and owner do not match. The building was bombed in 1945 and in 1950 the ruin was cleared.
There is some doubt regarding the claim of Alexandra Zubkow, née Princess Victoria of Prussia (1866-1929), to be the owner, since the information is based on an inconclusive remark by the Berlin art dealer Curt Reinheldt. Nevertheless, she is a Hohenzollern and she did live in the palace. If the painting was still in Alexandra Zubkow’s collection after the First World War, it was probably auctioned in or after 1929, since she was reduced to penury in her final years.
Based on what is currently known of the provenance, the work may well have been stolen. It is unclear whether Reinheldt bought it directly from Zubkow, or that a longer string of transactions connected the two.

Reconstruction origin

1918 <>?
Prussian state (collection), Berlin

A. Staring, ‘De portretten van den Koning- Stadhouder’, Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, vol. III (1950-1951), p. 162

? <> 1945
Hohenzollern family (collection), Berlin/Potsdam

O. ter Kuile, Adriaen Hanneman (1604-1671): een Haags portretschilder, diss., University of Utrecht 1976, p. 82

? <> ? 1929
Alexandra Zubkow (née Princess Victoria of Prussia) (collection)

R. van Luttervelt, ‘Drie portretten’, Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum, vol. V (1957), p. 109

? <> 1955
Curt Reinheldt (art dealer), Berlin

Museum inventory

Purchased by the museum from C. Reinheldt mediated by G. Cramer art dealer, The Hague

Museum inventory

1955 <> present day
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam