Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Bust of Tiberius

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Kop van Tiberius

Head of Tiberius

Artist/ Creator
Anonymous (Roman Empire/Asia Minor)
Head of Tiberius
AD 25–50
28,8 x 22,7 cm
APM 8355


Allard Pierson Museum


It is unclear who P. Otten bought the object from: ‘Antiquarian Groen’s predecessor’ may refer to Mozes Groen’s father, Barend Groen, or his predecessor at Spiegelgracht 13, where Hendrik Maijs ran a shop called Magazijn van Oudheden.


The Allard Pierson Museum inventory card states as provenance: ‘Bought during the war (40-45) from antiquarian Groen’s predecessor on Spiegelgracht. He surmised that the head originated in Germany.’
Antiquarian Groen’s predecessor may refer to the previous owner of Spiegelgracht 13 or Mozes Groen’s father. Barend Groen had run an antique shop at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 57 and the Groen family lived above the shop. It is not known whether the shop was taken over by a Verwalter. Barend Groen (b. 15-7-1871, Amsterdam) and wife Rachel (b. 16-6-1876, Amsterdam) were both killed at Auschwitz on 1 October 1942. Their two children survived the war. Their son Mozes had been a partner in the antique business during the war and restarted the shop after the war at Spiegelgracht 13.
Hendrik Maijs was a Protestant and a partner in Magazijn van Oudheden, first on Albert Cuypstraat and at least from 1928 until 1948 at Spiegelgracht 13.

Reconstruction origin

Before 1945
Predecessor of Groen (art dealer), Amsterdam

Museum inventory

Before 1945 <> 1968-03
Mr P. Otten (collection), Amsterdam

Museum inventory

Purchased by the museum from mister P. Otten

Museum inventory

1968-03 <> present day
Allard Pierson Museum