Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Fries Scheepvaart Museum

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Fries Scheepvaart Museum

Kleinzand 14 8601 BH Sneek

Investigation results

None of the objects in this museum have problematic provenance.

Result of this investigation

Frisian Maritime Museum confined its investigation to uniquely identifiable objects such as silver and paintings. Parts of ships and tools were not included in the investigation for example. How the museum’s paintings and silver objects were acquired is documented. As much as is known of their provenance is recorded in the collection registration system which was compiled earlier from museum archives and documents. Museum investigators did not find any objects with problematic provenance.

Information from previous research (report Museum Acquisitions 1940-1948)

View reaction of Fries Scheepvaart Museum in the report Museale acquisitions 1940-1948 which was published in 1999 in response to the previous museum research.

About this museum and its collection

Founded in 1938, the museum has an extensive collection that surveys the history of Frisian seafaring, inland shipping, shipbuilding, skating and the city of Sneek. It presents ship models and paintings as well as parts of ships and mariners’ souvenirs. Sneker Oudheidkamer is linked to the museum, featuring period rooms and a collection of silverware.