Herkomstonderzoek naar museale collecties in verband met roof, confiscatie of gedwongen verkoop in de periode 1933-1945

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Museum Acquisitions from 1933 onwards

On this website the Museums Association presents the conclusions of the four-year investigation Museum Acquisitions from 1933 onwards into the provenance of works of art in Dutch museums.

The English version of this website will be launched in 2014. In addition to the results of the museums’ investigations, all of the available information about works with a (possibly) problematic provenance can be found here. In the meantime, the original owners of various works have been identified. In the case of other works suspected of having been looted, information crucial for establishing with certainty whether, and if so, from whom the work of art was stolen, is lacking. We hope to unearth additional information with the help of visitors of this website.